March 30, 2010

Getting the most out of your wedding photography

Want to ensure beautiful photography from your wedding? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your wedding day photography

So you’ve picked the perfect gown and suit, found beautiful flowers, hired a top notch photographer and chosen your dream venue. Now it’s just a matter of enjoying the day and the photography should take care of itself right? Well, actually, there are a few more steps you can take to make sure that the pictures turn out beautiful. Here’s my personal take on how couples can help to get the very best images out of their weddings.

  1. Take the time to go through the wedding schedule with your chosen photographer. He/she will be able to point out potential photographic pitfalls, conflicts in scheduling etc. This will ensure that the day runs smoother and gives the photographer the time necessary on your wedding day to create killer images.
  2. Once you have chosen a photographer based on their style, give them the freedom to carry out their magic. Make sure that friends and family members give them the freedom to do their best work as well. Very often, an over zealous bride’s maid or groomsman who is constantly directing a photographer can spell disaster for the photography.
  3. Ensure adequate lighting at your dinner/reception venue. Hotels and venues tend to turn the light down to very dim levels in the belief that it creates a specific mood. Unfortunately, this is often to the extent where it affects the quality of your photography. Most people are not aware of the moody lighting because their eyes adjust for this dim lighting but the images will be affected.
  4. The color of the lighting is as important as the quantity. Many hotels have spotlights that wash the ballrooms in dazzling arrays of pink, yellow, blue, red, etc. While beautiful to look at, luminous green skin tones don’t generally make for good pictures, so find out what sort of lighting, ie, color and intensity, the venue will be using on the wedding day and discuss the potential pitfalls with your photographer.
  5. When walking up and down the aisle, please make sure to look up. Very often brides are so worried about tripping over the gowns that they spend the whole walk up and down the aisle with their heads down. This generally doesn’t make for great pictures.

There are more tips to come in later articles, but with these 5 tips and the most important tip of all “Have fun on your wedding day,” you’ll be well on your way to getting beautiful wedding images.

March 5, 2010

WPJA Contest Placings for Q4 2009

Yet another WPN photographer has done us proud at the WPJA’s final quarter contest. Wansheng from Feldberyl did not just win one, two or three awards – he obliterated the field with 4! Here are his winning entries – a 3rd placing in the Bride Getting Ready category, 12th in Creative Portrait, 16th in Groom Getting Ready and 16th in the Dancing category.

March 1, 2010

WPNetwork ‘Revelations’ Trailer

Get to know us. Episodes premiering soon.