Journeys - KTM

Journeys – KTM {The Inaugural WPN Travel Retreat}

On the 5th of April, the Wedding Photographers Network (WPN) will embark on our inaugural retreat. Over the years, we’ve been talking about heading out of Singapore for a collective overseas trip, to re-charge, re-fresh and re-treat ourselves.

So as the stars would have it, we will be taking a journey via the KTM railway line through Malaysia, where we will be documenting our trip armed with backpacks, cameras and our mobile phones. Very little about the trip has been planned apart from the route and the train stops. And we’re looking forward to exploring sites along the KTM line with brand new eyes.

We also plan to update our Facebook page live, by streaming updates via wall posts, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. We’ve never attempted something like this before, so we’ll see where the wonders of technology will lead us.

As part of our hope to return something to the photographic community, three photographers just starting out in the wedding industry will be joining us for the trip. These three photographers were shortlisted from a portfolio review and interview session, from a call-for-submission from the online photography community. Their train tickets and lodging for the trip have been fully sponsored by the WPN.

But that is not just it, coming along for the journey will also be the cinematographers from Ichiro Films. The awesome guys from Ichiro Films will be joining us in exploring and documenting the railway trip.

We are looking forward to the journey, so come along for the ride on our journey along the KTM railway via Facebook from the 5th of April. See you then.

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