June 22, 2011

Bridals in Santorini by William Chua Photography

Springtime in Santorini is at its most beautiful with soothing nice weather..
Here are some prewedding images taken recently in Santorini


June 21, 2011

feldberyl images on Tatler Weddings Singapore

Last week, KC told me I had two weddings featured on Tatler Weddings Singapore. Then I remembered, yeah, I was told that they will be featured some weeks back. So I made a slight detour before heading home to get myself a copy. Love it. And then I realized I had 2.5 featured. One of the weddings was covered by me, but wasn’t credited:s Oh well… sometimes it happens. It’s ok, here are the pictures! It’s been a wonderful week for us at feldberyl images:D Thank you Tatler! And as with all thank you speeches… I’ll end off with “get your copy now!!”:D

The Wedding of Joe and Aili.


The Wedding of Steven and Clara.


The Wedding of Markham and Tiara. They had a total of 3 wedding celebrations. I covered the holy matrimony (only right page).


A picture from Steven and Clara’s wedding. Love the toes:)

June 14, 2011

Hygge, little weddings

I learnt a new word from our wedding today, Hygge! Its a name for some sort of gatherings, calling these intimate and spontaneous get-togethers! Documenting weddings opens new doors to me. As my Danish couple shared, their world and thoughts as one of the ” most happy people in the world”. Weddings, big or small, are significant part of ones life and we always found that little weddings are much more intimate for us to document as guests are more sociable and responsive to each other.



Its always a trill to be able to be involved in a culturally  different wedding and in Singapore, we are so blessed to be able to witness different types of celebrations from communities that hold their matrimonial in our quint island. This beautiful property place called The Danish Seaman Church is where we document our couple Jesper & Sun-Hee join in marriage. The surroundings are lush greenery and inside motif tiles and decorations of the sea activities like the anchors, miniature ships and even a float are part of the church’s artifacts.



I always found its not too hard not to understand one’s language as I rely on body language and common sense as one indicator of what’s happen next. Its always twice the fun when you have to constantly look out for the next image and watch for the wedding proceedings.


Like all weddings, its hardwarming when friends come together to bless your union and enjoy a great time together!


Authentic goodies to boot!


Some couple pictures to remember by this wonderful day, Enjoy your new life as a family!

(pictures by Simon & Gilbert of 9 Frames Photography)