Quiet Shoes Photography
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Underlying the pictures of my wedding couples is the infinitely wondrous connection called love, its essence distilled into one of life’s most important decisions – a binding commitment to journey together for the rest of their lives.A photograph should capture not only the timelessness of the moment, but also the eternal promise that springs from the love between two people. I am not interested in the aesthetics of personal appearances. What drives my photography is the desire to delve beneath the façade of a couples’ exterior and portray their true personalities in pictures. Their celebration of love can be fully explored during pre-wedding photography or captured in the joyous moments of the wedding day.

I am an emotive photographer whose shooting style is quiet, contemplative and sincere. I seek to craft an authentic documentation of a wedding couple’s most special day. My aim when shooting each wedding is to capture powerful, emotionally gripping story telling images with an emphasis on vivid context, rather than a perfect composition void of emotions.

My name is George. Join me in this journey, and be surprised by this amazing thing called “Love”.


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